Calm Colors

calming colors

What color is calming? If you want colors for relaxation, you should look for cool colors. The most relaxing colors usually involve blue, green, and purple. 

calm colors to know


Blue reminds us of the ocean, water, and the open sky. Blue is the perfect color to calm the mind and is often used in the bedroom to create a soothing atmosphere.


Green is another cool and calming color that also provides a fresh and inviting feel. Being associated with nature, green invites harmony and is great as a calming color for anxiety, depression, and nervousness.


Purple is a mixture of red and blue, so various shades of purple or violet can be both calming and stimulating, depending on how you use it and what colors you pair with it.


White spaces are said to provide a sense of airiness and restfulness, providing a calm and peaceful look and feel.

black & gray

Black and gray are neutral colors like white and are technically not colors at all. Neutrals are especially versatile and can work with most colors very easily.

soft neutrals

There are also a few other near-neutral colors that may also be used as colors for relaxation. These are colors like tan, beige, cream, and brown.


Pastels are desaturated or muted colors that offer a soft look. Pastels come in all the different colors, both warm and cool, that are subtle and gentle on the eyes. Pastels inspire a calming, clean, peaceful, delicate, and soothing look.

some calm colors palette ideas

teal & pale pink

Teal is a combination of blue and green, so it offers a wonderful calming look. Paired with pink, which brings in a little subtle warmth, this calming color combination has a peaceful and inviting appeal.

shades of blue

There are many shades and tints of blue that you can use to create a cool and calming color palette. You also do not have to worry about colors clashing, so the combination is pretty easy to create.

calming neutrals

It starts with a light gray neutral, and moves on to a light gray-blue, and then gets warmer with a grayish orange and moves on to warm darker shades of gray.