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The History of Calligraphy

WHAT IS calligraphy?

The most basic definition of calligraphy is that it is a handwriting skill or simply beautiful or decorative handwriting. When delving deeper into the subject, calligraphy is much more than just good penmanship.


This also plays a role in the meaning or look of the various types of calligraphy. Ancestry takes into account the shape and form of the letters, as well as the techniques, the materials used to create the lettering.

brief history

There have been many cultures in history that have contributed to the art of calligraphy and its various styles. Since the earliest times, humans have developed many calligraphy writing styles. These were born out of a need to communicate.

early years

The term “calligraphy” originates from Greek and can be divided into two sections. The first is kallos, meaning “beauty”, and graphein, meaning drawing or method of writing.

different methods

The various tools and techniques have differed from location to location throughout history. In many cultures, learning calligraphy was also seen as a skill developed by a master and his student.


Calligraphy is also an important part of Tibetan culture, and many Buddhist religious works include the use of calligraphy. Chinese calligraphy is a way to honor traditional culture, and it is a form of pleasure and pride for the Chinese people.

western calligraphy

As we have learned, this style of calligraphy goes back to Roman times, and the main thing that stands out with Western calligraphy is that it is recognized because of the use of the Latin alphabet.

south asian cALLIGRAPHY

This includes areas like Tibet, Nepal, and India, and incorporates many different styles that have developed over the years.

LEARNING calligraphy

If you are looking to begin calligraphy, there are many classes and workshops you can attend, both locally and online. There are also calligraphy toolkits you can purchase to start with, before deciding on whether this is for you, or not.