Banksy Art

banksy's art and life

Banksy’s art emerged from the underground scene of Bristol in the 1990s, which was known for the collaborative efforts of its musicians and artists. Banksy’s paintings were inspired by a member of Massive Attack, the trip-hop musical group. Original Banksy art can be classified as temporary art, although he has also sold pieces officially through his own company.

true identity of banksy

The true identity of Banksy remains the subject of debate and speculation. He was once described by someone who had interviewed him as a white man in his late 20s with silver chains and a silver tooth.

early career

By the 2000s, Banksy’s street art had started incorporating stencils which allowed him to create pieces much quicker than with the freehand style he has previously employed.

early career

In 1997, the first large original Banksy artwork appeared in Stokes Croft. It depicted a teddy bear about to throw a Molotov cocktail at a group of police in riot gear and was titled The Mild Mild West.

early exhibitions

Banksy held his first exhibition in Los Angeles on the 19th of July 2002, at a small gallery named 33 and a Third where it ran for a month. The exhibit was called Existencilism.

fake notes

Banksy printed fake banknotes in 2004, featuring Diana’s head instead o the Queen’s, and the words “Banksy of England” where it would usually say “Bank of England”. 

the banksy effect

By the 2000s, many other street artists gained popularity, which came to be known as the “Banksy Effect”, as their own success seemed to be based on his.

the late 2000s

Due to the ever-increasing popularity of Banksy’s street art at this time, there were many other artists who created works inspired by his style, which made it hard to discern if it was an original Banksy artwork or not.

the late 2000s

Many of Banksy’s street artwork were tagged over by artists in retaliation for his apparent lack of respect for other artists’ work.

the usa

In 2010, Banksy made his directorial debut in Exit Through the Gift Shop which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

the last 10 years

In 2018, one of Banksy’s paintings sold for £1.04 million. The artwork contained a paper shredder, and just as the painting was sold, the work was pushed through the shredder.