Bad Art Restoration

art restoration fails

Failed art restorations include everything from painting restoration fails to failed sculptural and architectural monuments.

art restoration fails

Problems arise when restorers fill in the missing pieces with their own imaginations, which are usually leagues below the  original creators.

top failed restorations

the statue of santa barbara (19th century)

It was stated that restorers had turned the once beautiful and graceful-looking figure into something that closely resembled a plastic Barbie doll.

saint george (c.16th century)

The figure was left with a soft pink face and a stunningly bright set of armor that resembled Tintin to some and a Playmobil figure to others.

the matrera castle (9th century)

The restorer intended to separate the old elements from the refurbished ones with his Brutalist style. However, this technique was not universally accepted.

ecce homo (1930)

This is one of the most notorious restoration fails. Authorities initially suspected vandalism, but established that the adjustments were performed by Cecilia Giménez, who was 81 at the time.

other art restoration fails

St. Anthony of Padua Statue (17th Century) Wooden Religious Sculptures of Asturias, Spain (15th Century) Mary and Baby Jesus Statue (20th Century) Buddhist Frescoes (Qing Dynasty) Ancient Mosaics of Antakya (c. 2nd Century)