Artist Statements

artist statements methods

What is the secret behind good artist statements? Are there examples of artist statements that we can look to for guidance?  To answer these questions and many more about artistic statements, let’s first look at a few examples.

andy yoder - sculptor

Andy Yoder’s work examines the various forms this barrier takes, as well as the thought that lies behind it. He used household things as common factors of our own world. 

famous examples

mark rothko: abstract expressionist

Rothko aimed to create a meaningful connection between creator, canvas, and observer through paintings of floating shapes and suspended rectangles. 

pablo picasso: abstract artist

Picasso appreciated examining works that had influenced his progress through time near the end of his career.


O'Keeffee told herself, “I’ll paint what I see – what the flower is to me – but I’ll paint it huge so they’ll be startled and take the time to look at it.”

tips for writing your own statements

examine your art

Examine many parts of your artwork together. Take note of the parallels and contrasts. When you look attentively at your works, try to pinpoint the phrases and feelings that come to mind.

define your statement

Consider how you want viewers to experience when they view your art. This will be unique to each artist. 

what is in a good statement?

Each artist addresses the what, why, and how of their work — what it is (material and style), and why they produce it (topics and inspirations).