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Statues and Sculptures

Originally, humans made sculptures out of wood and stone. A little, stone-carved female figure from 230,000 years ago was the first preserved art piece.

These statues are said to represent fertility and to have played important roles in numerous rites and festivities.


This is the dominant three-dimensional form that has existed since antiquity. It is, as the name implies, a standalone art item that typically depicts humans, animals, or abstract themes.

Relief Sculptures 

Relief carvings, as compared to free-standing sculptures, protrude from the backdrop as pieces of a bigger work of art. There are numerous forms of relief.

Examples  of 3D Art

Artists have used a variety of ways to shape wood, stone, metal, or clay into specific art objects.

Traditional  3D Art Examples

Wood or Stone Carvings

Carving in wood or stone is the method of cutting off bits of substance until you get the required shape.


An artistic technique used when dealing with metal as a medium. The process involves pouring liquid metal into pre-fabricated molds to construct massive statues.

There are many more examples of traditional 3D art such as modeling, welding, paper craft etc.