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Volcano Drawing

In today’s drawing tutorial, we will show you how to create a realistic and easy volcano drawing.  We will use a series of easy step-by-step instructions to create a basic volcano outline before we add some fun, realistic details and colors.

Easy Volcano Drawing Tutorial

Step 1: Draw the Volcano Outline

Step 2: Create the Island in Your Volcano Drawing

Step 3: Draw the Surrounding Rocks

Step 4: Begin Sketching the Trees

Step 5: Apply the First Color Coat

Step 6: Add the Secondary Color Coat

Step 7: Color the Palm Trees and Surrounding Ground

Step 8: Add Color to the Rocks

Step 9: Create Texture on the Volcano

Step 10: Contour the Bottom Layer of the Ground

Step 11: Texture the Bottom Layer of the Ground

Step 12: Add Color to the Lava

Step 13: Highlight the Lava Drawing

Step 14: Contour the Leaves of the Palm Trees

Step 15: Add Texture to the Top Layer of the Ground

Step 16: Add Texture to the Trunk of the Palm Tree

Step 17: Add Shading to the Rocks

Step 18: Draw in the Surrounding Water

Step 19: Add the Volcano Eruption

Step 20: Finalize Your Realistic Volcano Drawing