Vincent van Gogh's Sunflowers

van gogh's flower works

Van Gogh informed his brother that residing in Paris placed him at risk of growing “wholly numb” – he sought refuge in sunflowers. At this point, many sunflowers began to appear in his oil paintings.


The suffering artist worked hard to convey his spiritual and emotional state in his works. Despite only selling one work during his lifetime, he is now one of the world’s most famous artists.

sunflowers series

The first set, completed in Paris in 1887, shows the flowers laying on the floor, while the second batch, completed in Arles in 1888, shows an arrangement of sunflowers in a jar.

the paris sunflowers

The revelation that he had previously produced Sunflowers is disclosed later in the spring of 1889 when Gauguin acquired one of the Arles renditions.

arles sunflowers

Van Gogh discovered new artistic inspiration after he settled in the lovely village of Arles, which inspired him to explore and recreate his favorite Sunflower topics.

arles sunflowers

All of the Arles Sunflowers paintings, with the exception of the first two, are painted on size 30 canvas. This resulted in his Arles Sunflowers series, a five-piece group of flower paintings in vases.

legacy of the flower works

Van Gogh’s yearning for a dozen Sunflowers, like his fantasy of a shared workshop, would not come true. He had produced seven Sunflowers at Arles by the time he died. Unfortunately, just five are still available to the public.

his most well known paintings

As van Gogh predicted in 1889, the Sunflowers series would eventually become his most well-received works and functioned as his artful limbs and alter ego up to the current day.

van gogh and paul gaugin

Gauguin portrayed van Gogh at work in a canvas titled Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers (1888) during his brief stay at the Yellow House. Sunflowers almost resulted in carnage.

the start of a creative era

Van Gogh was not alone in his love of sunflowers. Claude Monet and Allen Ginsberg were among the other well-known artists and poets that exploited the sunflower motif.

a dozen sunflower paintings

Van Gogh had planned to hang a dozen sunflower paintings in the Yellow House, which himself and fellow artist Paul Gauguin would use as a workshop.