Strawberry Drawing

how to draw a strawberry

In addition to covering the basic elements of how to draw a strawberry, we have included the entire coloring process for you as well.

creating a strawberry drawing

STEP 1: drawing the main body

This is where the body of your strawberry will be placed, and will mark out where the other elements of the drawing will go.

step 2: adding the stem

On the right-hand side of the oval, sketch a curving and arched line towards the top of the shape. This will represent the stem.

STEP 3: outline the crown leaves

Draw the crown leaves around the right curvature of the main oval shape, making sure that they flow outwards like in our drawing below.

step 4: drawing the flower

On the left curvature of the oval, add your flower drawing towards the top of the body. Keep your flower simple.

STEP 5: adding some extra plants

Surround your flower with some extra leaves, making sure to draw them differently from the crown leaves already added in step three.

step 6: outline the fruit body

Making use of the construction lines from the oval that you drew in step one, outline your strawberry in a more realistic shape.

STEP 7: going over some lines

Once your oval has been outlined to resemble a realistic strawberry drawing, you can start to outline the stem and crown.

step 8: trace over the flower

Using the construction lines to help you, lightly trace over the petals of your flower, making sure to include its stamen lines as well.

STEP 9: outline extra plants

As you outline the leaves, be sure to add some fine lines and curved edges to them. Remember that these leaves should remain behind the flower and strawberry.

step 10: add details and texture

All of your texture and detail lines should follow the curvature of your outlines.

STEP 11: apply the 1st coat of color

With a regular brush, select a shade of red paint. Use the brush to evenly paint over the entire body of the strawberry.

step 12: add the 2nd coat of color

With a fine sharp brush and a shade of bright green or lime green, color in each seed within the strawberry.

STEP 13: shading the strawberry

With a small soft brush and black paint, lightly paint a shadow layer into each seed. Using the same color paint, apply some shading to the strawberry itself.

step 14: enhance the blending

Select a soft brush and some dark red paint to gently apply a second and natural-looking layer of shading to the darkened areas of your strawberry.


With the corresponding color for each area, trace your strawberry sketch to create a final seamless look without any visible outlines.