Romanesque Art Period 

Debased Roman Architecture

The word “Romanesque” relates to the Romans, and is explained as having “descended from [the] Romans”.   The suffix esque originates as a French term that refers to something that resembles something else.

out of the dark ages

The Romanesque period took place during a time in Europe’s history called the Medieval period, or Middle Ages.

the "father" of europe

Charlemagne, known as Charles the Great, came to be considered as the “Father of Europe” because of his unifying force.

art characteristics & types

Romanesque architecture shares some common features regardless of the regional differences, and is often described as “sturdy” and “solid” in structure.

first romanesque style

There are several distinguishing features of this style, namely that it was not elaborate in design or details and that there were no sculptures.

norman romanesque style

The Norman style can be seen in churches and cathedrals, although there were also many castles and fortifications.

italian romanesque style

The Italian Romanesque style was characterized by more elaborate sculptural decorations, inside and outside the church.

influence of the romanesque art style

The Romanesque style became a foundational precursor to other architectural styles. Not only did it borrow from Classical architecture, but it also crossed paths with Byzantine styles.