Recycling Art

what is recycled art?

On a superficial level, recycled art can be defined as creative productions that make use of waste or discarded objects. It can be argued that recycled art is more than an attempt to exercise creativity with used materials for the sake of saving money or taking the more convenient option of using whatever is at hand to act upon a moment of inspiration.

recycled art

Irrespective of the theme or environmental issue that a sophisticated artwork might address and underlying the act of using materials for the second time, is a strong message that highlights the need for increased awareness and behavioral change.

recycled art

Because recycled materials are used to create art, this type of art brings to attention the looming threat of pollution as a result of the consumerist culture that defines modern-day living.

found art

Found art was informed by the dramatic statement that Marcel Duchamp made when he challenged the meaning of art through his placement of an essentially untouched urinal in the context of art.

deeper dimensions

Recycled art can also be as elaborate as larger-than-life installations that grace the galleries alongside some of the finest artworks.


This includes toilet roll bird feeders that coat empty toilet rolls with birdseed and tin can or egg box creatures. Bottles or toilet rolls can become rockets and fish can be created by flattening different colored water bottles.

artists who use recycled materials

The artists listed below can give you an idea of the kind of mind-blowing potential inherent in discarded materials when passion, dedication, and talent are combined: Tim Noble and Sue Webster Vik Muniz Nick Gentry Barefooted Welder

advantages of recycled art?

The main advantage of this form of art lies in the potential impact that it has on the people observing it.  Artists who create this type of work are often motivated by raising awareness of environmental issues through their art or creating a deeper understanding and appreciation of the natural world through their creations.