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Raffaello Sanzio

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Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino was a prolific artist who had an abnormally large studio and left a large collection of works despite his premature death at the age of 37. But when was Raphael born and how did Raphael die? Let us learn more by exploring Raphael’s biography.


Raphael learned to paint from his father from an early age. Raphael acquired his father’s workshop when he died and continued to operate in his father’s business while his uncle took over as studio manager.

early life

Raphael was later taught by Timoteo Viti, a royal painter in Urbino, although Perugino is often recognized as Raphael’s first important artistic influence.

early life

After moving to Florence, he met his two primary opponents, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. Despite the fact that Raphael was much younger, the three were known as the core trio of great masters of the age.


Refurbishing Pope Julius II’s chambers at the Vatican was his most significant commission to date, and it secured his place as the Medici Court’s foremost painter.


Agostino Chigi awarded Raphael his first architectural commission in 1513, the creation of the Chigi Chapel in the Santa Maria del Popolo church.


Raphael passed away suddenly aged 37 on the 6th of April, 1520. He died after a brief illness that allowed him to finalize his estate and obtain his last rites.


The actual magnificence of Raphael's funeral procession was the vast crowd of friends, students, painters, renowned authors, and dignitaries of all ranks that attended him, amidst the city’s sorrow. 

raphael's most notable works

The Marriage of the Virgin (1504)

Disputation of the Holy Sacrament (1509 - 1510)

The School of Athens (1511)