what is pottery?

A basic definition of pottery is that it is a process of using clay and other raw materials to shape and form vessels or objects. These are then fired at high temperatures, which helps to harden them and make them more durable.

brief history

Pottery is believed to be the oldest human innovation and is said to date back to the Neolithic period.

tools to make pottery

The general materials and tools you will need are included in the following list: clay, kiln, pottery wheel, modeling tools, glazes, and paints.


This is the most common type of clay or pottery and is often what is used for things like roof tiles and bricks. The name comes from its earthy type of color and the origins of the clay.

stoneware pottery

The Chinese are credited for developing stoneware. There is a range of types of stoneware clay, the most common being traditional and fine stoneware. When the glaze is applied, during firing, it mixes with the clay.


Porcelain was also something that was developed first in China, during what is known as the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907). 

how to make pottery

Creating pottery is a fun, creative and fun activity that can help to relieve stress and maybe even make some extra cash out of it. So, depending on the purpose, you will need to choose a suitable clay. 

uses of pottery

Depending on the pottery type, various modern items are made from clay. There are diverse ceramic applications including being used in spark plugs, artificial joints, or fiber optics.