Postmodernism Art

what is postmodern art?

The Postmodernism art movement was a difficult artistic period to define due to its lack of rules and its borrowing of elements from other movements. In art, the term “postmodern” appeared around the 1970s.


Postmodernism defied definition as no one style or theory was able to encompass the entire movement. It generally describes any movements that arose from the rejection of Modernism.


The Postmodern movement was seen as a reaction against Modernism, as it held completely contradicting viewpoints.

high & low art

Postmodernism adopted characteristics of low art within their work, such as the use of pop culture, mass-produced goods, and elements from magazines and television.

blending of aesthetic codes

Artistic codes and genres were mixed to display old and new meanings that were blended together in unique and daring ways.


In 1917, Marcel Duchamp exhibited a signed urinal and labeled it as art, which gave way for artists to begin experimenting with the concept of what informed art.


Artworks created displayed a want for a more pluralist approach, which led to artists approaching subjects from a variety of new perspectives.

Our List of  Famous  PostmodernArtists

Andy Warhol  (1928 – 1987)

Barbara Kruger  (1945 – Present)

Marina Abramović (1946 – Present)

Jeff Koons  (1955 – Present)

Damien Hirst  (1965 – Present)

the legacy of postmodern art

The attitudes and styles within Postmodern art were viewed as important shifts that initiated great change within artistic society, with the collaboration existing in Contemporary art said to belong to Postmodern influences.