Portrait Photography

what is portrait photography

portrait photography

Portrait-style photography is a type of photography that is centered on capturing an individual’s likeness, character, and attitude. The goal of this photography is to portray the subject’s personality, feelings, and individuality.

types of portrait photography

studio portrait

This type of portrait-style photography involves taking photos of clients in a very regulated studio atmosphere. With a studio portrait, the photographer has complete control over the lighting, backdrop, and other variables.

environmental portrait

A subject is photographed in their natural environment, such as their residence, place of employment, or a place that has special meaning to them, in an environmental portrait.

candid portrait

The purpose of candid portrait-style photography is to convey the subject’s essence and individuality without posing or guidance. It all comes down to capturing the moment as it happens.

creative portrait

The aim is to portray the subject in a unique and memorable way and to produce photos that are more than simply a simple reflection of the person’s appearance.

composition techniques


Framing is a compositional technique that includes utilizing elements inside the image to bring attention to the subject while also creating a feeling of perspective and context.


Photographers could take use of natural light by setting the subject close to a window or photographing during the golden hour when the lighting is warmer and softer. 

tips and tricks

establish a connection

Forming a rapport with your subject is essential since it can have a big influence on the photoshoot’s final outcome. A strong connection leads to more genuine and real expressions and postures in photographs.

pay attention to details

An outstanding portrait image necessitates close attention to detail. Pay attention to your subject’s body language and facial emotions, and provide precise instructions to assist them.

play with poses & angles

Experimenting with postures and perspectives can result in innovative and fascinating photos. To produce unusual and dynamic compositions, experiment with photographing from different perspectives.