The Pink Color Meaning

meaning of pink

What comes to mind when you think of the color pink? Maybe, sweet candy floss or little girls in pink dresses. Pink is a red shade, which has been tempered by adding white.

pink symbolism

Pink can represent or be a symbol for many things, for example, pink can be a symbol of youth, love, and femininity. So, the color pink can be used as a symbol to bring awareness to things like breast cancer.

innocence of pink

The color pink is something that can remind you of innocence and sweetness. The color, therefore, represents youthfulness and vulnerability.

calmness of pink

When using a pink color in small doses, it can be soothing, however, if you overuse pink, it can become overwhelming, and irritating, and can evoke feelings of frailty.

physical effects

Certain shades of pink can be used to help reduce blood pressure and slow the heart rate. There has been some research done, and it has been used in holding cells for prisoners, to help ease aggression.

in different cultures

In Japan, the color pink is seen as a symbol of prosperity and offers good luck. Pink is also gender-neutral in Japan, worn by both women and men.

meaning of shades of pink

Brighter and darker shades like Fuchsia or hot pink are more energetic and confident, while softer shades, such as baby pink are more calming, affectionate, and feminine.

is pink a chakra color?

Pink is one of these colors and can be associated with the heart chakra (green), the third eye chakra (indigo), as well as the crown chakra (violet).

phrases and idioms

Pink elephant: The whole idiom sometimes goes, “ignoring the pink elephant in the room”, which means everyone is intentionally avoiding an obvious issue. It can also refer to excessive drinking and hallucination.

fun facts

An interesting fact about color is that it can help determine how we perceive the taste of what we consume. Pink is associated with sweetness, so pastries seem to taste better when served on a pink plate or when they come in pink packaging.