Murals by Diego Rivera

who was diego rivera?

Diego Rivera, born on December 8, 1886, in Guanajuato, Mexico, emerged as one of the most influential and controversial figures in 20th-century art.

major career achievements

Diego Rivera’s career reached its zenith with his large-scale mural projects. He became an iconic figure in the Mexican muralism movement.

the mexican revolution

Rivera’s art was influenced by this revolutionary spirit. He witnessed the struggles of peasants, workers, and indigenous populations, and his early works depicted the hardship and resilience of the Mexican people.


His outspoken support for communism and his close association with figures like Leon Trotsky drew the ire of conservative elements in Mexican society and even led to the defacement of some of his murals.

famous murals by diego rivera


Creation (1922)


History of Mexico: From Conquest to the Future (1929 – 1935)


Detroit Industry (1932 – 1933)


Man Controller of the Universe (1934)