Minimalism Art

what is minimalism art?

The Minimalism Art movement includes a variety of art modalities like minimalist sculpture, interior design, and painting.  It started in New York during the 1960s and 1970s, when some artists felt that the subjectivity of Abstract Expressionism was too complex for portraying art.


Kazimir Malevich’s painting titled Black Square (1915) hints to early minimalist painting ideas, as it is literally a black square on a white background.


Colors are not used to convey personal expression, but to convey impact and the work as it is.


Minimalism paintings make use of a world of flat two-dimensionality and geometric shapes, as if a three-dimensional object has been flattened onto the canvas.


The most important  aspect of Minimalist Sculpture is its relationship with the  space it occupies.


Installations in minimalist art can be seen primarily  in the form of light installations, where  artists play with how  light affects the space it is in.

Our List of Famous Minimalist Artists

Sol LeWitt  (1928 - 2007) Four-Sided Pyramid  (1965)

Robert Morris  (1931 - 2018) Labyrinth  (1999)

Dan Flavin  (1933 - 1996) Untitled  (1980)

Frank Stella  (1936 to Present) Amabil  (1995)

beyond the 20th century

As everything comes to an end, so did the Minimalist Art movement during the later stages of the 1960s. This did not stop what Minimalism in art meant, and ultimately it created new foundations and a springboard for art and artists going into the 21st century.