Middle Ages Art 

What was middle ages art?

Originating in Northern Europe after the Roman Empire collapsed, Medieval Art included some of the most major art movements and periods known to develop within art history.

a history

Medieval Art grew out of the aesthetic heritage left by the Roman Empire. After its dissolution in 476 A.D., the period leading up to Medieval Art was seen as incredibly formative.

early christian period

Religion and Christianity proved to be major influences of the movement. 


The majority of the subjects in Byzantine art were religious, with many paintings depicting Christ and the Virgin Mary.

romanesque period

The Romanesque period placed its focus on religion and Christianity, with these influences being seen in the artworks.

gothic period

This period emerged when the Abbey Church of Saint-Denis in France was being renovated.


During the Medieval Art period, architecture formed an important part of the artistic developments.


Vibrant paintings that featured famous icons, like Jesus and the Virgin Mary, were common.


Due to the vastness of Medieval Art, many styles and types of sculpture came and left.


Due to the development of illuminated manuscripts, a unique style that emerged was the historiated letter.

stained glass

This art form was created by mixing sand and wood ash together before melting it into a liquid.

example of medieval literature

The Lindisfarne Gospels  (written between 715 – 720 A.D.)

example of medieval architecture

Palatine Chapel  (built between 790 – 805 A.D.)