Mediums of Art


 Tempera Oil Paint Acrylic Paint Watercolors Charcoal Pastels Chalk Graphite Pencils Color Pencils Ink and Pen

OIL PAINT Oil paint is a slower drying artistic medium and is made from various pigments mixed with oil.

CHARCOAL Charcoal is a rare medium in art materials as it can easily be erased.

GRAPHITE PENCILS Graphite pencils are a great medium for beginners as you can easily edit and change your art.

3d art MEDIUMS

Carving Casting Modeling Construction

CARVING & CASTING You can take something like wood and carve pieces out. Casting involves pouring liquid into a shaped mold.

CONSTRUCTION The construction phase of many contemporary artworks is similar to modeling but incorporates other elements.

mixed art MEDIUMS

Collages  Assemblage Found Objects Art Journaling

COLLAGE Collage art is made by combining bits of everyday objects in a way that portrays a unique idea.

FOUND OBJECTS These artworks consist of everyday objects re-assembled on a canvas to create something beautiful.

Photo art  MEDIUMS

Documentary Landscape Portrait Nude Digital Video Art

PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY This is another one of those styles that have roots in older traditions, like portrait painting.

VIDEO ART Video art is another popular form of digital media used by modern-day artists, made popular by Andy Warhol.