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Lavender Purple


Even though the color includes red, lavender is mostly associated with a blueish undertone, with a cool undertone. From this, we can then create many shades of lavender.


The word lavender was first mentioned as a color in 1705. This was associated more with the general lavender flower color.


Purple has been seen as the color of royalty for many years and is also associated with wealth and religion. The lavender color is also linked to romance and nostalgia, which is why it is a favorite color at weddings.

different shades of lavender purple


Web Lavender


Languid Lavender

how to make lavender paint

When using more of the red, this will create more of a lilac color, while including more blue would leave you with more of a cool, lavender color.

what colors go with lavender in design?


Yellow and Lavender


Pink and Lavender