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Korean Art Facts


Korean art is typified by its gentle and natural content, fluent lines, and a feeling of harmony, balance, and peace.


As art historians have noted, the Chinese influence was prominent in the early development of Korean art history.

neolithic era

The earliest examples of pottery found have been dated by archeologists as being from around the period 7000 BC.

three kingdoms period

During this period, the peninsula of Korea was ruled by three separate monarchies. The various kingdoms were Goguryeo, Baekje, and Silla.

goryeo dynasty

This period lasted from 918 CE until 1392 and is most famously known for its celadon pottery. This style originated from China, yet Korean artists elevated the craft.

joseon dynasty

During this dynasty, many Buddhist elements remained visible in popular Korean painting with the incoming influence of Confucianism.

modern art

Modern Korean art has emerged out of the former imposition of Japanese styles and helped Korean artists regain their identity and unique forms of cultural expression.

calligraphy and print

As an art medium, it is used in various forms such as printing, paper figures, and even paper clothing.

ceramics and sculpture

Korean ceramics became highly revered in Japan and are considered the most famous Korean art for the Japanese.

famous korean artists and artworks

Yun Du-Seo (1668 - 1715) Self Portrait of Yun Du-Seo (1715)

Jeong Seon  (1676 – 1759) Inwang Jesaekdo  (1751)

Jeong Seon  (1676 – 1759) Taking a rest after reading books (c. 1786 - 1856)