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The Khaki Color

what color is khaki?

The color can be described as a shade of brown or tan, which also has a slight yellowish undertone to it. The earthy tan color does not appear on a traditional color wheel.

a brief history

Khaki has its origins in the army and has been used in uniforms as it is helpful as camouflage in the desert or dusty regions. It was first used as a color in the mid-19th century, due to its use as a military uniform.

meaning of khaki

The khaki color can be defined as natural color and may be seen as being impartial. Since it was worn as a uniform color in the army, it also symbolizes authority and can be seen as quite a serious color.

shades of khaki

The khaki color is a blend of colors, so there are numerous tones and shades of this color that exist. The various versions of khaki can include the lighter, almost beige to the darker, green varieties of khaki.

dark khaki

This color can be described as a desaturated yellow tone and is one of the X11 color names from the computer windows system. The color will work well together with shades of orange, greens, and blues.

vintage khaki

This color is moving towards a darker, gray-orange and is a warm color from the brown color family. The vintage khaki is also a Pantone color that is used in a variety of their available products. 

khaki color combinations

Khaki is considered a neutral color, so it can work well with most other colors. However, some colors should move up to the top of that list, such as green colors, blues, and other neutrals like white, and even black.

analogous combinations

This color combination is usually pleasing to look at and can also be calming. Below is an example of analogous colors for the color khaki, which are slightly desaturated green and red.

monochrome combinations

Taking the khaki color and using various tones and shades of the same color, will provide you with a monochromatic color scheme. These colors are all from the same parent color, so they will automatically work well together.

in interior design

Khaki is considered a sophisticated neutral color that works well as a background color and provides a natural look to a space that can be kept for many years without changing the look.