Kaws' Artworks

artist abstract

With his distinctive blend of cartoon imagery, street art aesthetics, and a critical examination of consumerism, Kaws has become a groundbreaking force in the art world.


After completing his studies at the School of Visual Arts in New York, Kaws began his career as a traditional graffiti artist, leaving his mark on the streets with his signature “X” symbol.


Kaws’ debut exhibition showcased a collection of his iconic paintings, merging graffiti-inspired techniques with a contemporary art sensibility. The art world was captivated by his bold and vibrant compositions.

breakthrough moment

Kaws’ first major debut exhibition, titled OriginalFake, took place in 2001 at the iconic gallery in Tokyo, Japan, known as Parco Gallery.


Kaws has extended his artistic expression to the realm of sculpture. His sculptures are not only visually striking but also possess a set of formal characteristics that contribute to their unique style and distinctive appeal.


Kaws’ sculptures exhibit intricate textures and surfaces that contribute to their visual and tactile allure. He employs a range of techniques to add depth and complexity.

famous sculpture to know

Companion (Passing Through) (2012) by Kaws the Artist