Jesus Art Pieces

jesus and art

The oldest painting of Jesus that we know about was painted around 235 AD and was discovered in Syria. It portrays Christ as a man in his youth, without any facial hair, and he is depicted in a manner that exudes dignity and authority. In later versions, he is portrayed as slightly maturer and sporting a full beard.

famous paintings of jesus


The Last Supper  (1498) Leonardo da Vinci


Salvator Mundi  (1519) Leonardo da Vinci


The Transfiguration  (1520) Raphael


The Last Judgment  (1541) Michelangelo


Christ Carrying the Cross (1580) El Greco


Supper at Emmaus  (1601) Caravaggio


Christ Crucified  (1632) Diego Velazquez


The Yellow Christ  (1889) Paul Gauguin