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Jan van Eyck's Arnolfini Portrait

the arnolfini portrait

We do not even know who the pair in the Arnolfini wedding portrait is, although it is assumed to be Giovanni Arnolfini and Costanza Trenta.

jan van eyck

Jan van Eyck, who reinvented portraits, enhanced realism in Medieval artworks, and spearheaded the craft of oil painting.


This painting, done in the traditional Dutch style, demonstrates an exceptional grasp of form, brushstrokes, and color to create dramatic features.


The convex mirror in the rear, in a wooden frame with scenes from “The Passion of Christ” painting behind glass, is displayed larger than such mirrors could be constructed at the time.


The elaborate bed-hangings and engravings on the seat and bench against the rear wall, as well as the small Oriental rug are just further signs of luxury


Van Eyck’s contribution to the Northern Renaissance School’s naturalism is exemplified in this work, which exhibits the school’s outstanding command of the medium of oil painting.


The signature’s prominence and unique form (“Jan van Eyck was here,” rather than “Jan van Eyck did this”) are only two of the painting’s numerous ambiguous characteristics.


Giovanni di Nicolao Arnolfini and his wife Costanza Trenta are thought to be depicted. However, Trenta died of childbirth in 1433, a year before the painting was made.