The Henry Ford Hospital Painting

who was frida kahlo?

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist who lived from July 6, 1907, to July 13, 1954. She did not fit into any specific style, but her style ranged from Naïve Art, Surrealism, and Magic Realism.

contextual analysis

Henry Ford Hospital (The Flying Bed) by Frida Kahlo depicts a moment from the artist’s life that was not only physically painful but emotionally wrought.

hospital homage

Around her are six objects symbolizing her ordeal and ultimately her inherent emotions and desires linked to each just like the cords/strings attaching them to her in the depiction.

analysis of the artwork

subject matter

Henry Ford Hospital (The Flying Bed) depicts herself, as tender, saddened, completely vulnerable in her nakedness, and relatively small and helpless on what appears to be a slightly large hospital bed.


Frida Kahlo utilized a variety of colors in her miscarriage painting with dominance on more earthy colors.


The Henry Ford Hospital painting depicts organic, naturalistic, lines, especially a variety of curved lines that delineate the objects and figure of Kahlo in the foreground.


Kahlo created a contrast of size by how she placed herself on the bed in the foreground; the bed appears almost too large for Kahlo’s smaller figure.