Gustave Doré Paintings


As a child prodigy, Doré experimented with drawings, many of which were claimed to be beyond the scope of a five-year-old boy.


Doré did not attend a formal academy for artistic training but he did create a few paintings that received a great deal of attention.

the crusades

Among the many spectacular works produced by Gustave Doré is his contribution to Francois Michaud’s classic book, History of the Crusades, which was published in 1877.

the road to jerusalem

The Road to Jerusalem as illustrated by Gustave Doré was an illustration that spoke to one of the first Crusades that resulted in the fall of Jerusalem.

godfrey enters jerusalem

The gruesome scene can be seen depicted through the contrast of the darker lines with the rubble and destruction that ensues, an accurate depiction of the Crusader’s entry.

doré and drawing

Doré’s expert use of chalk, a simple drawing medium, to depict such an important religious event is incredible. It is almost as if Doré was present himself to witness the scene.


Aside from landscapes and religious iconography, Gustave Doré was also exceptionally talented at depicting mythological subjects, including fairy tales and nature.

doré and mythology

Towards the latter part of his career, Doré explored illustrating for fairytales such as Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood.