Famous Picasso Portraits

picasso's portraits

While primarily known today for his Cubist portraits and still-lifes, Picasso was skilled in many styles and mediums, including drawing, painting, collage, and sculpting.

various periods of picasso's portraits


The Blue Period (1901 – 1904)


The Rose Period (1904 – 1906)


Synthetic Cubism Period (1912 – 1919)

picasso's unique style

Picasso is most known for his pioneering work in the Cubist movement, and this is well-represented in his portraiture.

influence on portraiture

Many modern artists incorporate Picasso’s distinct use of color, abstract shapes, and fractured compositions into their own artwork.

influence on portraiture

Picasso’s impact on contemporary portraiture may be observed in the now-prominent use of multiple perspectives to depict the subject.