Famous Hitler Paintings

Who was adolf hitler?

Hitler is considered one of the most infamous and disliked individuals in history.  There was another side to him, however, being Hitler’s paintings.  Hitler’s artworks are a touchy subject as many people consider it immoral to buy Hitler’s paintings.

hitler in vienna

At 18, Hitler moved to Vienna to pursue his desire of becoming an artist. He applied to the Academy of Fine Arts & passed the first exam, but the committee of admissions found his drawings to be subpar.

hitler in Munich

Hitler then moved to Munich in May of 1913, finding some success in the same manner that he had on the streets of Vienna – by selling oil and watercolors of Munich cityscapes.


Hitler’s failure to be accepted into the art academies, and the political inclinations he leaned towards had a major influence on his view of art.  Around 16,000 artworks considered to be degenerate by Hitler were seized from various German Museums in 1937.

hitler's artworks

Most of Hitler’s paintings were apparently destroyed under his command after coming to power in Germany.  Yet, there are still collections around the world that the Nazis seem to have missed.

It is legal to sell Hitler’s artwork in Germany as long as the art does not bear any depictions of Nazi symbolism.  Hitler’s paintings do, however, cause controversy whenever they are put up for auction.


During his time in reign as the Führer, Hitler continued to paint but did so privately.  Critics have remarked that his talent was rather undeveloped.


He thought of himself as the embodiment of many other art movements and styles. His influences were primarily drawn from Italian Renaissance art, Greco-Roman Classicism, and Neoclassicism.


Besides the many paintings by Hitler that were taken out of circulation by the Nazis, many of Hitler’s paintings were confiscated by the US army at the end of the war.  The biggest private collection is currently housed in Natick, Massachusetts in the US, at the International Museum of World War II.

moral implications

In 2015, 14 paintings by Hitler were sold in Nuremberg for $440,000. Much controversy arose over this, as it was art of one of the world’s most notorious dictators and mass murderers.