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Famous Greek Paintings

an introduction to greek paintings

There are very few examples of ancient Greek paintings left for us to admire, and most of what we do know about the ancient Greek painters and their artworks comes from written descriptions.

significance of greek paintings

Panel paintings were the most respected and common art form of the ancient Greek period.

ancient greek painters

Although there has been much written about artists and their art, we do not have many examples beyond a few frescoes and vases.

famous ancient greek paintings

Akrotiri Frescoes  (c. 1700 BCE)

Pitsa Panels  (c. 540 – 530 BCE)

Achilles and Ajax Playing (540 – 530 BCE)

Euphronios Krater  (c. 515 BCE)

Tomb of the Diver at Paestum (c. 470 BCE)

The Siren Vase  (480 – 470 BCE)