Famous Dog Paintings

symbolism of dogs in art

Many famous master painters have chosen to represent these dynamic creatures in a variety of ways that help broaden our understanding of the relationships between humans and dogs.

symbolism of dogs in art

Many famous Dutch, German, Belgian, and Flemish artists made paintings with dogs influenced by the style of Realism and focused on the physical appearance of the canine.

famous dog paintings to know


A Couple of Foxhounds (1792) by George Stubbs


The Dog (1819 – 1823) by Francisco de Goya


King Charles Spaniel (c. 1866) by Édouard Manet


Little Girl in a Blue Armchair (1878) by Mary Cassatt


Hunting Dogs in a Boat (Waiting for the Start) (1889) by Winslow Homer


Dogs Playing Poker Series (1894 – 1910) by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge


Howling Dog (1928) by Paul Klee