Different Types of Art

what is art?

As the techniques in art have developed, much of the conversation in art circles has been concerned with what the word “art” means. Most of the art forms that are discussed go back thousands of years.

the seven forms of art


Painting is one of the oldest kinds of art, dating back tens of thousands of years. Painting is the application of paint, usually on a two-dimensional surface.


Sculpture dates back to some of the earliest civilizations. Unlike painting, this involves the creation of art in 3D. The type of material used can be anything natural or artificial.


Architecture has various styles that have emerged that reflect characteristics or design principles and to which various buildings can be classified.


The word “literature” is derived from the Latin word that is translated as “letters”. The first piece of literature with an identifiable author was some of the prayers written by the priestess Ur in Sumeria in Mesopotamia.


Music is created when there is an organization of sounds, as vibrations, that are put together to form an audible composition.


Cinema first took the form of a “kinetoscope” in 1893, which was a contraption that enabled one person to see the motion picture at a time. The first public show was made in 1895 in Paris.


Theater is a performance art that usually includes a visual element. Theater can take several forms such as puppetry, dance, circuses, magic shows, or plays.


Art has been around since the early days of humanity and has changed considerably over the centuries. It should be said that contemporary art has taken on new faces and forms that should not be excluded from any modern definition of art.