Diego Rivera Paintings

who was diego rivera?

Diego Rivera is still one of Mexico’s most beloved individuals. He is acclaimed for both his involvement in the nation’s creative rebirth and re-invigoration of the muralist artform, as well as his enormous personality, more than 50 years after his passing.

childhood of diego rivera

Diego’s creative potential was nurtured by his family, who enrolled him in the San Carlos Academy of Fine Arts when he was about 12 years of age.

early training

Rivera studied the art of Diego Velázquez, El Greco, Francisco Goya, and the Flemish painters in the Prado Museum in Spain, which served as a firm framework for his later work.

early training

Rivera returned to Paris after exhibiting in Mexico and became a devout follower of Cubism, which he saw as a really revolutionary style of art.

mature period

Rivera was active in local politics immediately after joining the Mexican Communist Party in 1922. He was painting frescoes in Mexico City’s National School of Agriculture at the time.

later years and death

Rivera died in Mexico in 1957 at the age of 70, following a voyage to the Soviet Union in the hopes of treating his disease. His request that his ashes be interred beside those of Kahlo’s was denied.


Rivera influenced painters as varied as Thomas Hart Benton, Ben Shahn, and Jackson Pollock with his socially and politically wide aesthetic vision, storytelling focus, and utilization of symbolism.

important diego rivera paintings

View of Toledo  (1912)

Man, Controller of the Universe (1934)