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Comic Character Drawing


We need to understand that figures are divided into eight even segments.  These eight segments establish the different body parts and how proportional they are to one another.


Once we understand the eight different segments, we can use them quite loosely to arrange figures in various poses.  You want to be able to build the character up from the skeleton as if you were layering the character.

Enhanced Features

Once you have set up a character, set the pose in its skeletal form, making sure all proportions are correct. Then lightly erase that skeletal structure and begin drawing over it.

Once you understand anatomical proportions, you can play around with emphasizing features to give your character an emboldened look.  However, try to work out the features with a light pencil sketch first.

Emboldened Features

The comic character drawing process is playful and open to the interpretation of visuals. This is true for how we represent both the anatomy and clothing of characters.

Unique Attributes

Start to think about the hands and what kinds of weapons, tools, or powers our character will have.  This is a fun part of drawing comic characters that allows you to be creative.