The Color Wheel

fundamentals of color theory

Understanding color theory will help you to use colors more effectively. There are some rules you need to follow so you can create visually appealing art.

primary colors

You have three primary colors: red, blue, and yellow. These colors are the foundation of all other colors, as well as the different shades, tints, and hues.

secondary colors

Your secondary colors are easily created by combining your primary colors. You have three secondary colors including green, purple, and orange.

tertiary colors

Tertiary (or intermediate) colors are formed when a secondary color is mixed with a primary color that is located next to each other on the color wheel.

what is a color wheel?

Artists use the color wheel for mixing colors and even interior designers use the color wheel chart to guide them on how to design interiors.

invention of color wheel

Many have built onto color theory and there are a few versions including one by Johannes Itten, a Swiss artist in the late 19th century, who created the color wheel used by most of us today

computer graphics and color

In advertising this is also extremely important, attracting the audience to look and purchase items. Today, we deal with a Subtractive Color System and an Additive Color System.

color wheel mixing guide

To get the right colors for your art, many artists create a color chart. This makes it easier to create specific colors anytime you need them.