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The Color Ivory


An ivory shade forms part of the white color family and is described as a shade of white. When it comes to ivory vs. white, the difference is that ivory has a yellowish or beige undertone.


The word ivory was first used to describe the tusks of animals like the elephant and has been in use since the 14th century. Another reference to this color is the old keys of a piano.

are ivory & cream similar?

Ivory and cream can both be considered shades of white or are also known as off-white colors. The cream color is a bit richer and more noticeable than ivory.

different ivory shades


Ivory White


Unmellow Yellow

creating ivory with paint

The simplest way to create ivory is by taking pure white paint and then slowly adding yellow paint.

ivory color combinations


Complementary Colors


Ivory and Neutrals

ivory in design

An ivory color can be used in all forms of design including web, fashion, and interior design. The color itself is relaxing and easy on the eye. Ivory is a well-liked color when it comes to clothing.