Cleopatra Paintings

who was cleopatra?

Although she is known to most as simply Cleopatra, the woman we speak of is actually Cleopatra VII. Born in 69 BC, Cleopatra was the seventh of her name born to the Macedonian royal family of Egypt.

cleopatra and caesar

Surrealist photographers are able to make photos that are both visually pleasing and thought-provoking through the use of unconventional or unexpected perspectives.

cleopatra and mark anthony

In 32 BC, Mark Antony divorced Octavia to marry Cleopatra, which enraged Octavian and the Roman republic. Many believed that Cleopatra had married Mark Antony in order to take control of Rome.

death of cleopatra

Octavian took Cleopatra prisoner, intending to take her back to Rome so that he could slay her in front of an audience. However, before he could do this, she committed suicide in order to prevent this.

why was cleopatra famous?

Many versions of Cleopatra exist in legend as well as in Cleopatra artwork. Some historians believe this is due to her incredible astuteness and ability to mold herself to best fit any situation.

cleopatra the beautiful

It is believed that it was not her body that was so attractive but rather her mind. Her intelligence was undeniable by all those that interacted with her.

cleopatra the femme fatale

Cleopatra was often depicted as a dangerous woman, particularly by Roman sources. It is believed that she used her feminine wiles or even sorcery to control men.

cleopatra the star-crossed lover

The image of Cleopatra as a heartbroken woman is something that can be seen frequently in Cleopatra art.

famous paintings of cleopatra


Cleopatra and the Asp (c. 1628) by Guido Reni


Cleopatra Dissolving the Pearl in Wine (c. 1754) by Andrea Casali


Cleopatra and the Peasant (1838) by Eugène Delacroix


The Meeting of Antony and Cleopatra, 41 BC (1883) by Lawrence Alma-Tadema


Cleopatra (c. 1888) by John William Waterhouse