Claude Monet the Artist

WHO WAS claude monet?

Claude Monet was the head of the French Impressionist era, and he practically gave the group its title. He was instrumental in drawing its believers together as an inspiring personality and presence.

early life

The waters and rugged coastlines of Northern France had an early impact on him, and he would often not attend classes to go on hikes along the bluffs and dunes. 

monet's career

Throughout his lengthy career, he was the most continuous and prominent exponent of impressionism’s theory of conveying one’s feelings as being more important than the accurate depiction of nature.

early training

In 1856, Monet met Eugéne Boudin, a landscape painter known for his landscapes of northern French seaside villages. Boudin urged Monet to create outside, and the en plein air approach changed his feelings about how art might be generated.

mature period

Monet was obligated to serve his time in the army and was sent to Algiers in 1861. The ambiance in Northern Africa inspired Monet and greatly influenced his artistic and personal viewpoint.

later years

Monet's second wife, Alice, died in 1911, and his son passed away the year after. Monet almost completely stopped painting following these tragic events, the aftermath of World War I, and even the formation of a cyst over one of his eyes.

monet's death

Monet died of lung cancer on the 5th of December, 1926, aged 86, and was laid to rest at the Giverny church burial site. He insisted on keeping the celebration modest, so only about fifty people attended.

legacy of monet

Monet was only recognized in a few groups of art aficionados for many years after his death. Monet’s paintings attract high valuations, and some are regarded as priceless; in fact, Monet’s art is housed in every major museum on the globe.

art style and method

Monet's loose manner and use of color have been regarded as “nearly ethereal” and the “exemplar of impressionist technique”. Monet was interested in the effects of light.

some of monet's most famous paintings

Women in the Garden (1867) Westminster Bridge (1871) Woman with a Parasol (1875) Grainstacks, end of day, Autumn (1891) Rouen Cathedral: The Facade at Sunset (1894) Charing Cross Bridge (1899) Water Lilies (1919)