Bernard Buffet Paintings

A bernard buffet biography


His work centered on death, art history, popular culture, sexuality, and politics, with many allusions to current events and artists. His work was entirely figurative.

legacy of bernard buffet


Bernard Buffet was one of the first successful artists to catch the attention of big public audiences through the brand awareness of his work and developed the pop-star artist’s public image.

bernard buffet art


Bernard Buffet’s work was a huge financial success, with his artwork fetching high prices and garnering a large audience. His distinctive clown paintings, particularly, were extremely popular.


who was bernard buffet?

Bernard Buffet was a painter who was educated at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and achieved early critical recognition and riches due to his prodigious production.  Bernard Buffet painted over 8,000 pieces in his career and established an instantly recognizable aesthetic manner.

what is unique about buffet's art?

Bernard Buffet’s work is predominantly graphic, with angular, spiky, and elongated shapes presented in a somber color palette, and includes townscapes, portraiture, still lifes, religious, and historical topics.  This aesthetic form lends his work a stark and melancholy tone, which has been understood as a depiction of the postwar generation’s emotional state.