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Baroque Period Art Facts

When Was the Baroque Period?

Baroque art started during the late 1500s into the early 1700s.

Definition of Baroque Art

The Baroque period was characterized by using embellished and ornate decorations in paintings, sculpture, and architecture.

Famous Baroque Artists

Annibale Carracci  (1560 – 1609)

Famous Baroque Artists

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio  (1571 – 1610)

Famous Baroque Artists

Artemisia Gentileschi  (1593 – 1656)

Baroque Art Techniques


Chiaroscuro is an Italian term that means “light-dark”.

Baroque Art Techniques


It sought to create what is referred to as the “spotlight” effect.

Baroque Art Techniques

Quadro Riportato

A frame around a painting, which would consist of a series of paintings  displayed as a fresco.

Famous Baroque Sculptor

Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini

He has been compared by some scholars  to possess the same importance that Shakespeare had for the world of  theater and literature.

Famous Baroque Architect

Giacomo Della Porta

Façade of Chiesa del Gesù in Rome, Italy, designed by Della Porta