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Baroque Paintings

WhAT WAS  THE baroque period?

The stunning realism and vibrant subject matter of Baroque painting set it apart from previous times.  By focusing on spiritual and theological themes throughout the Baroque period, painters attempted to convey the visual drama or action of their day.


Judith Slaying Holofernes (c. 1612) Artemisia Gentileschi


Las Meninas (1656) Diego Velázquez


The Night Watch (1642) Rembrandt van Rijn


The Battle of the Amazons (c. 1615) Peter Paul Rubens & Jan Bruegel the Elder


The Milkmaid (1658) Johannes Vermeer


The Calling of St Matthew (1600) Caravaggio


The Abduction of the Sabine Women  (1634) Nicolas Poussin


The Love Letter (c. 1669) Johannes Vermeer


Portia Wounding Her Thigh (1664) Elisabetta Sirani


The Judgement of Paris (c. 1632) Peter Paul Rubens