Automatism in Art

What is Automatism in art?

The term “Automatism” is borrowed from the field of physiology, where it refers to the bodily functions of a living orgasm.

Psychic automatism

Psychic Automatism is a concept and a technique of expressing the unconscious mind without various social limitations or beliefs influencing the truth of what is.

psychic automatism

The insights gained and concepts communicated through Surrealist art by using Psychic Automatism were similar to what Freud tried to attain through his Automatism practices with patients. 

surrealism automatism 

The Surrealists aimed to express these free-flowing thoughts as they are. 

surrealism automatism 

Even though automatic drawing was used in psychiatric studies by Freud, among others, very few examples of Automatism existed before the Surrealists. 

important automatism artworks

Automatic Drawing – Ballet (2009) J Coleman Miller

Garden of Wish Fulfillment  (1944)  Arshile Gorki