What are

Art Symbols?

symbolism in art

The focus on feelings, sentiments, concepts, and individuality rather than reality is what links the numerous painters and forms connected with the Symbolist movement.

concepts and styles

Artists who used symbolism felt lonely and apart from the elite. Faith, as well as the link between love and relationships, were being called into doubt.

synthetism and symbolism 

Syntheticism artists mixed aspects from the actual world with components drawn from previous works of art or types of art to construct alternative realities.

art nouveau and symbolism

Art Nouveau is thought to be a subtype of Symbolism, as there are a lot of commonalities in Symbolist and Art Nouveau subject matter.

french symbolsim

Odilon Redon and Gustave Moreau were France’s most prominent Symbolist painters. Moreau was influenced by Eugène Delacroix, and Redon with Francisco Goya.


The Rosicrucians were a collection of artists led by writer Sar Joséphin Péladan and denounced the age’s consumerism and resurrected Catholicism and Renaissance art.

symbolism in the rest of the world

A significant group of Symbolist painters arrived from Holland (Johan Thorn Prikker & Jan Toorop), who developed quintessential Symbolist images.

famous symbolism artists and their artworks

Gustav Moreau  (1826 – 1898) Jupiter and Semele (1895)

Odilon Redon  (1840 – 1916) The Eye Like a Strange Balloon Mounts Toward Infinity (1882)

James Ensor  (1860 – 1949) Death and the Masks (1897)