Ancient Rome Artifacts

who were the ancient romans?

The ancient Romans were known for their military strength, political power, and their vast colonial empire that was once the largest on the face of the planet.

roman artifacts

Due to the sheer scope of their empire, Roman artifacts have been found all over the world. The condition and age of ancient Roman artifacts can vary considerably.

ancient rome artifacts to know


Roman Patrician Bust (1st Century BCE)


Augustus From Prima Porta (1st Century CE)


The Orator Statue (1st Century BCE)


The Glass Gladiator Cup (50 – 80 CE)


Venus in a Bikini (79 CE)


Trajan’s Column (110 CE)


Statue of Marcus Aurelius on Horseback (176 CE)


The Fonseca Bust (2nd Century CE)


The Farnese Hercules (216 CE)


Colossus of Constantine (230 – 337 CE)