60s Art

1960s Art

The 1960s brought a new type of pop imagery and utilization of industrialized materials to art, mass-produced goods, consumerism, and the expanding impact of American pop culture, its rock n’ roll music, and burgeoning industry. Not only did the 1960s art movements embrace the new, but also rebelled against the old status quo.

the rebellious nature of artists

1960s artwork and its main style Pop Art aspired to revolt against the emotive drama and spirit of Abstract Expressionism.

pop art

Pop art artists transformed the appearance of the painting by bringing a new type of corporate aesthetic by using imagery from popular media and found things.

minimalist art

Minimalism was the first internationally significant art trend to emerge in America. It created a new way of looking at and enjoying the artworks by emphasizing purity and simplification of its works.

conceptual art

Conceptual designers rejected the notions of the attractive, uncommon, and skillful as measurements of art, citing the concept of the readymade proposed by Marcel Duchamp.

important 1960s artists

Roy Lichtenstein  (1923 – 1997)

Andy Warhol  (1928 – 1987)

Donald Judd  (1928 – 1994)

Sol LeWitt  (1928 – 2007)