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Advisory Board

Robert Atkins, Art Historian, Critic, Curator
Gavin Brown, Gavin Browns Enterprise
Manuel E. Gonzalez, Curator, Executive Director, Chase Manhattan Art Program
April Gornik, Artist
Frank Majore, Artist
Mary Marsh, Artist, Librarian
Judy Pfaff, Artist
Faith Ringgold, Artist
Penny Schmidt, Penelope Schmidt, LLC
John Turner, Ph.D., Art Historian, Professor
William Wegman, Artist

In memoriam:
Dennis Oppenheim, Artist (1938-2011)
Nam June Paik, Artist (1932-2006)
Jason Rhoades, Artist (1965-2006)

Board of Trustees

Dominic Angerame - Chair
Lawrence Heintjes - Secretary
Summer 2016 Announcement - Treasurer
Andrea Beeman
Elizabeth Gould Vales
Mary Rieser Heintjes
Dauna Williams


Teresa Schmittroth, Executive Director

Together we are working to assist those who want to inform as well as those who want to be informed about the ever-evolving events that shape and define our culture. Membership serves to foster a closer relationship with our audience and is the foundation of our public programs. Each member adds value and strength to this program. In turn, the program supports each member by providing a highly accessible and affordable centralized forum for locating, publishing and distributing information about artists and where to find their work. Funding is being sought to broaden awareness of the librarys programming, to expand and add new sections and services, as well as to provide additional assistance for those who demonstrate that they cannot afford to be involved.

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