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The Art in Context Reference Library
Online Publication and Distribution - Subsidized Services and Rates

Art in Contexts Main Index presently includes five primary sections, each cross-referenced and hyper-linked to the other Museums, Galleries-Dealers, Artists, Current Exhibitions and Images. Within each section the Listings are accessible by Alphabetical, Geographical, Date, Discipline, Period, Term and Nationality categories. Sections are also accessible by electronic Search. Individual areas called Reference Pages index specific registered and catalogued information about each museum, gallery-dealer, and artist and include links to related pages on Art in Context and throughout the Internet.

The library maintains this infrastructure and subsidizes the costs to contextualize, disseminate, preserve and provide free access to all registered and catalogued information. From 1995 to the present time, library subsidies have covered over 90% of the annual operating expenses needed to provide the services and rates detailed below.


To establish an Organization or Individual account.

Organization Account - for Galleries-Dealers and Museums: registration $190
(Alternative exhibition spaces are included in the Gallery index.) To establish an organization account and register a Museum or Gallery-Dealer Name, Contact Information Street, City, State/Province, Country, Contact Person, Hours, Tel, Fax, Email, Web Site and About References Discipline, Period, Term and Nationality record classifications. (Once an account is established the library subsidizes the entire cost to edit contact information and about references as needed.)

Individual Account - for Artists: registration $35
To establish an individual account and register an Artist Name and Chronology, Contact Information Street, City, State/Province, Country, Contact Person, Tel, Fax, Email, Web Site and About References Discipline, Period, Term and Nationality record classifications. (Once an account is established the library subsidizes the entire cost to edit contact information and about references as needed.)

Other Registrants - Organization Account to register: contact
Those not affiliated with a museum, gallery-dealer or artist and interested in establishing an organization account for posting information and Other Related Links on Art in Context may contact the library.

Annual Membership Renewal - Organization and Individual Accounts
The registration-processing fee to establish an account entitles you to one year services for including reproductions, exhibitions, press releases, artist affiliations, and other related links at the subsidized rates listed below. The annual membership renewal fee is $75 for one year or $140 for two years to maintain an organization account $35 for one year or $60 for two years for individual artist accounts.

Once Registered - Posting Associated Information


For each image: registration $20
Each image is catalogued by discipline, period, term, nationality and date, and included in the corresponding image sections. Images are then sorted and displayed based on when they are registered more recently catalogued images are shown first. In addition, each image is accessible from the Artist, affiliated Gallery-Dealer and Museum Reference Pages, and associated exhibition listings where they may be sorted or refined for viewing by date, discipline and term. The following information may be included with each reproduction title, date, medium, edition number, dimensions, caption and other descriptive text. Images are displayed in small, medium, and large sizes. Descriptive text and other additional references are show with the enlarged views.

Digital Reproductions

Option I - Digital Image Files
Use the image registration form to upload jpeg image files. The files must be optimized for Web display and meet the librarys specifications:

File Dimensions and Byte Size:
Exactly match either the maximum height 522 pixels or width 702 pixels, at 72 dpi, byte size, 180k or less. (Note: Please do not send "Progressive" jpegs.)

Option II - Nondigital Media (e.g., slides, prints, etc.)
Upon completion of the image registration form registrants may send slides, transparent film or prints up to 8x10 inches, labeled with their unique Image ID#. (Post cards and other types of reproductions will not be used.) Digital imaging services* are provided for an additional $10 per image. When sending materials include a postage paid return envelope.

*About the Librarys Digital Imaging Services
Presently, the library provides high quality digital imaging services for registrants at the subsided rate of $10 per image. High quality digital imaging is not the same as basic scanning or other forms of initial digital image acquisition. The service includes target scanning, sizing, cropping, tonal range, hue, color saturation and sharpness adjustments, as well as the removal of scratches or other imperfections. Once images are posted registrants may find it necessary to make adjustments. Posted information may be edited at any time. The library provides digital image adjustment services at $65 per hour. The minimum charge for this service is one-half hour.


For each exhibition: registration $15
Each exhibition is catalogued and accessible by discipline, period, term, nationality, date and geographic areas, and included in the corresponding exhibition categories. In addition, all exhibition are accessible from the Artist, affiliated Gallery-Dealer and Museum Reference Pages. Each exhibition listing may include title, artists, dates, location, a press releases or other descriptive text, and images (registered separately).


For each added association: registration $5
To cross-reference Artists with Galleries-Dealers and Museums, and define the affiliation.

Note: The library automatically cross-references artists with galleries-dealers and museums when images and exhibitions are added unless otherwise instructed. This registration form has two distinct functions, (1) to add, update or remove associations, and (2) to further define the affiliation, for example, a) Representing, b) Exhibiting/Offering Work By, c) Permanent Collection.

Other Related Links

For each link: registration $10
These links are individually titled and added to existing Reference Pages on Art in Context to direct visitors to related pages on sites throughout the Internet.

Note:  This registration form is for registrants, with an established account, who wish to add, remove, or amend information on the Related Links page.

Integrated Home Page Program and Web Projects

For building and maintaining a web site: contact the library.
The librarys Integrated Home Page Program includes direct links to information on sites concerning the fine arts throughout the Internet. In addition, the library provides web site design, domain registration, update and maintenance services. To discuss a project and receive an estimate, or if you have any other questions about the librarys Integrated Home Page Program, please feel free to contact us.

The following are examples of integrated web sites and projects that the library has produced and maintains:

Artist: Faith Ringgold
Foundation: Faith Ringgolds Any1CanFly web site
Artists Foundation: The Ossorio Foundation
Gallery-Dealer: Tepper Takayama Fine Arts, Boston
Catalogue: Fritz Bultman a retrospective, at the New Orleans Museum of Art

Additional Information

Mail-in service:
For those who cant always get online or prefer to send information for inclusion by mail, fax or email the registration-processing fees are presently, $22 each Exhibition, $30 each Image, plus $10 for Digital Imaging Services if needed, $7 each Affiliation, $15 each Other Related Link. Before sending information for inclusion in this way, it is the registrants responsibility to contact the library to make payment arrangements. All information is processed and posted upon receipt of payment unless other arrangements have been made. For additional information please see Billing and Payment Options.

Art in Context Center for Communications
P. O. Box 376
Beacon, New York  12508

You may contact us by telephone 845-440-7837 or email if you have any questions.

All material submitted for inclusion is reviewed before being posted. The library does not charge a fee to review material and reserves the right to edit and/or dispose of any material deemed unrelated. A registration-processing fee is posted above and on each registration form. The charge is a one-time required fee for service, allocated to library operations expenses. All additional amounts donated are deductible to the extent permitted by law. Art in Context Center for Communications is tax-exempt under section 501 (c)(3) of the IRS Code.

To help ensure accuracy, any inaccurately catalogued and posted information, brought to the editors attention, is adjusted accordingly. To reach the editors desk, please contact the library. Artists, galleries-dealers and museums are included when information, such as an exhibition, is added. Information may be registered for inclusion by a curator, artist, museum, gallery-dealer or other sponsor. If you have been listed in this way and would like to edit and/or include additional information you are invited to register. To do so, please complete the above online registration form or contact the library.

Data Protection - All images and information included on this site are copyright protected. In accordance with the librarys Mission and Purpose no individual may remove accurately catalogued and posted information from the librarys archive prior to an inquiry, and unanimous agreement, by the Board Members and Directors. To request the removal of accurately catalogue information, please contact the library. Any such request must be submitted in writing, list the accurately catalogued information, and clearly state the reason for the removal request.

The library subsidizes the costs to contextualize, disseminate, preserve and maintain free access to all information included by those who establish an individual or organization account. Once an account is established the account holder is under no obligation to use their account and may send written notification at any time should they want to cancel their account. Once performed, library subsidized registration-processing fees are non-refundable. Present subsidizes do not cover the costs, should the copyright holder contact the library with written notification to remove an accurately catalogued and posted reproduction which the library has subsidized the costs to catalogue, post and maintain. In such an event, before further reproductions by the copyright holder can be included, any removal liabilities must be satisfied. Presently, the non-subsidized removal liability is $20 per image.

For more about the librarys programming and services please see the Welcome page.

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