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Sol LeWitt
Wall Drawing #273: Lines to points on a grid
Water-soluble crayon and graphite on wall. A six-inch (15 cm) grid covering the wall. Lines from the corners, sides, and center of the walls to random points on the grid. Composite (seventh wall): red lines from the midpoints of four sides, blue lines from four corners, yellow lines from the center.

Dimesions variable
Private Collection. Photo: Bill Jacobson

Dia Art Foundation, Dia: Beacon

Excerpt from Dia: Beacon, Beacon, NY:

Dia’s presentation of wall drawings by Sol LeWitt from the late 1960s through the mid-1970s was selected by the artist himself. It highlights his monumental Drawing Series-Composite, Part I–IV, #1–24, A + B (1968), a four-color rendering of which is executed here for the first time. The version in graphite, part of Dia’s collection, has been on view in an adjacent gallery since 2003.

Additional Information:

Exhibition: Sol LeWitt, Drawing Series... September 16, 2006 - ongoing, Dia: Beacon, Beacon, NY


Sol Lewitt, American, (1928-2007)
b. September 9, 1928, Hartford, CT
d. 2007

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