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Marc Dennis
The Good and Evil Twin
Oil on canvas

32 x 34 "

Through the appropriation of a visually decadent style of historical (baroque) painting, I attempt at infusing the notion of divine perfection with new symbolic criteria and attitude. By calling into question religious beliefs, common superstitions and scientific theories, my aim is to expose some of the contradictions and complexities surrounding human behavior. My work has been referred to as a modern day Ribera and quite often with the likes of Goya. Within the realm of "contemporary baroque" painting, it is a place where the past, present and future are one; a world still engulfed in notions of good and evil. In just such a world of metaphor and paradox, of humans and animals, my paintings symbolize the various vices and follies and frustrations that beset humankind. I take certain delight in images that best embody our fears, prejudices and passions. I'd like to think that my paintings carry us outside the restrictions of the human world and allow us to laugh at it as well as fear it.    - Marc Dennis, 1998

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